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Has Your WordPress Website Been Comprimised?

FAST Action is What is Needed Now!

More than anything right now you know you need to get your website cleaned up and you need it done fast!

As soon as we have all of your information, my team and I will get to cleaning up your website so you can get back to doing what you do best and stop worrying about what’s happening with your website.

What's Included in Your Service

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Full & Complete Scan of Files

We will run a detailed scan of all of your website files to isolate the infected files. At the same time we’ll be able to discover any additional malicious files and remove any files. These files will be shared with you so you can determine if any further action is required.

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Complete Security Audit

As you have discovered it’s important to protect your site from hackers. We will complete a detailed security audit of your site to discover any security holes & to make sure you have the tools in place to protect your site in the future.

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Additional Security Enhancements

Keeping your site secure is an ongoing process and it’s one of the best ways to ensure your site is protected. We will installed our preferred security plugin to help safeguard you site from future attacks.



Sometimes an infection of your site can trigger your site to be blacklisted by Google. This means when someone visits your site they get a warning that the content on this site could be harmful. We will take the required steps to remove all of these warnings.

htaccess & wp-config Audit

These two files are the foundation of your website and the two files open to be manipulated and have malicious code inserted into the files. This in turn infects your whole site. We will complete a full audit of these files and make sure they are clean and secure.

Brute Force Attack Prevention

One of the top ways to attack a website is to bombard the wp-login.php file until your server dies. Allowing this slows your website down and also those on your shared server. We will put protections in place to help stop this.

Detailed Clean Up Report

Once we have you all cleaned up and secure we will provide you with a full report of what has been done and the actions we took to protect your site.

90 Day Support Guarantee

You’ll also receive 90 days of additional support to deal with any malware or viruses that may return to your server. Often on shared servers (which is likely how your website is hosted) if another site on the same server gets infected it can reinfect yours, so we’ll clean up anything up to 90 days after we’ve completed our service.

30 Days of Geek in Your Pocket

Along with all of this you’ll also get 30 days of my Geek in Your Pocket service to help maintain and prevent any further issues. Remain a client for only $55 per month after your 30 days is complete.

Sign up is easy and automatic when you purchase your clean up service.

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Meet the Geek

Hi I'm Renee

Chief Geek at Geek in Your Pocket

I’m your technical WordPress partner and through my Geek in Your Pocket I will protect your most valuable business asset.

My Geek in Your Pocket WordPress Tune Up Service is IDEAL if you are a blogger, coach, virtual assistant or a tiny digital business owners looking to do great things in the world, without the technical headaches.

Let's clean up your site!

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Get Your WordPress Clean Up Service for $250 USD



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